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Q 1. I just bought the chlorine dioxide kit with HCl and I would like to know how to use it for detoxification and also can I use it on my senior cat?

A - Here is access to the Genesis 2 Church University (G2CU) files on Google Drive. Yes, you can use chlorine dioxide water purification drops for everyone and everything except fish. People, babies (in and out of the womb), birds, fowl, dogs, cats, bears, and all other life in the universe can use it. I would be careful with creatures living in the water. Drinking clean pure water is good for everything. Please save these files on your own computer and with everyone.


Q 2. I saw your video on chlorine dioxide and I purchased some. Please advise how I should start dosage. Do you have a video about that?

A - See files on our Google Drive. It has over 50 official church training videos, PDFs, documents, and charts. You can even take our exam and become an official Minister of health.


Q 3. Trying to get information on how often can I take the Chloride Dioxide mixed. (Like everyday) I have muscles pain (arthritis), sinus issues, hiatal hernia,

Ringing in ears. Hoping this may help Some of these issues. I purchased 5 kits from and can use some guidance.

A - Same as above


Q 4. Please tell me where to purchase the best source of Chlorine Dioxide Clo2/ MMS.

A - Due to a current order of the court we cannot direct anyone to MMS, or our church sacraments, but we may however link you to websites that sell water purification products like the company in South Florida We are working to place trusted supply sources on our website, but the best way to solve this is to simply make the water purification kits yourself at home. We do a free class each Monday at 6 PM central time in our zoom room .


Q 5. I would very much like to join your community. Thank you for providing the information and the network!

A - We accept everyone, consider yourself a member / User. If you want to become an official student fill out our Student Enrollment Form then simply email it back to me. Everything we do is free, but we do accept donations at our GoFundMe Campaign


Q 6. I have ordered the two kit option because I start chemo on May 17 for possibly four months and then scheduled for surgery for colon cancer!

Could you tell me the amount of drops I need to drink daily and in how much water. I have watched two videos regarding this but I am still confused and I learned that the container needs to have a lid and you have to drink it quickly because it is a gas Thank you for this help and God bless you.

A - I am very sorry to hear you have cancer. Please come into our Zoom Room and have a private chat. Even though there may be additional people in our Lobby Help Desk, we can place you in one of our private rooms with just a click. Many cancers just disappear after a few months of using chlorine dioxide-infused water, food, and air protocols. Also, check out our Google Drive videos and literature.


Q 7. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just received my bottles . What is the Dosage average person takes for treating this . Appreciate any input .

A - It is not lawful for us to treat anyone except ourselves, because you must be a physician to diagnose and treat others, but we can however teach people how to use chlorine dioxide to purify the water, food, and air that they consume. Then the body will heal/cure itself naturally. See the book on DMSO for stiff joints ( see Google Drive)


Q 8. I am very interested in buying the 2 part ClO2 kit. I don't find anywhere this site has it for sale. If you don't sell it, can you direct me to where I might purchase it.



Q 9. I have ordered and received my MMS, however I have not been able to find the protocol for treating Parkinson’s. Can you you please help me. Dona

A - See Q #7


Q 10. To Max. I watched Melissa with the man you work with today and learned a lot. They said Max answers our emails and can help those who write regarding problems and issues that need helpful advice. We have what we think are demodex mites in our hair -every dr said we are imaginating it, yet we see them - we thought they were from dust mites from the carpet in the house we bought but the show today spoke of mogellons Video. Please tell us the difference and if chlorine dioxide helps by drinking and also spraying on hair, how much per day, and how long a bottle lasts if use. I am guessing its best to use the combination bottle rather than add drops to one bottle of water. I am buying the zero filter too that Melissa spoke about.

A - Demodex is what we call the mites found living in the human face. These eight-legged mites are often found on the forehead, cheeks, sides of the nose, eyelashes, and outside of the ear canal. When people experience an infestation of Demodex mites, they are suffering from a condition called demodicosis. Morgellons Presentation

I personally believe that chlorine dioxide is your best chance to remove the demodicosis and the Morgellons infestation. I recommend that you use my Humidifier Protocol 24/7 just like I do. Here is a link to my Blog Video on how to use it. Join me in my Zoom Room soon and I will give you a free ride on using it.


Q 11. Through a miracle I have recently discovered your incredible website and the use of CLO2 just as my father began having episodes of inability to breathe while coughing up blood. I have been so worried because the doctors have discovered a tumor in his right lung. They say that it is stage 3 "slow growing" and they think they can cure him. They have started chemotherapy and radiation treatments which have made his mouth sore and has caused him to have a fungus growth down his esophagus. I am writing in hopes of some guidance in the use of Chlorine Dioxide to help treat him. I am sure you have been bombarded with many

requests for help. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts for treating his cancer.

A - Please see answer question #6 above, and watch my Blog Video on #10. Use extreme caution if you try to use the Humidifier Protocol. Do not start with 25 drops in the 1.2-gallon unit. Due to your extremely bad lungs start with only 3 activated drops of chlorine dioxide in the full unit. You should use distilled water as well to fill it up. Gradually increase the number of drops after an hour or so if you don't have any bad reactions. Please stop or reduce the drops if you have any worse breathing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to join me in my Zoom Room. I will personally guide you, even watch you after you get it going.


Q 12. Hi, I bought some CD from ebay in the U.K. Two 30ml bottles. Part 1: sodium chlorite 2.9% (active chlorine dioxide precurser). Part 2: ortho phosphoric acid 5%, hydrochloric acid 4%. I would be grateful if you could tell me if this is any good as i can't get to deliver to U.K

A - The world is a big place so if you know a good source to purchase chlorine dioxide kits or the chemicals to make your own in your country would you please send your links to me so I can make a good list. I will contact our Health Ministers in the U.K. and try to put it in my next blog post.


Q 13. I just got done listening to Melissa Red Pill and Bob regarding CD daily to detox. 1) Is this safe for pregnant women 2) How would I use this topically for skin cancer spots on my face.

A - See our Google Drive videos and documents for the answers. You can also talk to me or another person in my ZOOM ROOM


Q 14. I found CDS-4 fl oz at Water Pure Can you tell me how to take this to detox my body?

A - See question #13


Q 15. I would like to learn more about the protocol. I am a 7 year breast cancer survivor and continue to take the hormone blocker pill, anastrozole 1 mg, each day. I currently am also taking vitamin C 4000 mg, B 1 tablet, D 8000 mcg, mineral vitamin, omega 3 and 6 vitamins, zinc 50 mg, citracal calcium pill for osteoporosis, 81 mg aspirin daily. I currently follow keto, low carb eating plan. Could you please teach me what your products are and the correct way to mix and take them. There seems to be so many different opinions on the protocol of using and taking it. Can I continue taking my vitamins and anastrozole hormone blocker with it? I am REALLY interested in learning more, but I had a hard time following their explanations or instructions. Will be looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

A - See question #13


Q 16. Hi. I was wondering if CD can help me with pre-diabetes?

A - See answer for question #7


Q 17. I have a daughter w/ seizures treated with zonisamide. How can we use clo2 to treat her autism and ADHD without putting her at risk of seizures again?

A - Kerri Rivera is your best source of information website: Purchase her book at:


Q 18. Hi...I have a question if the CD can be used if a person has metal in our bodies?

I have has a spinal fusion and want to start taking this!

A - It could cause problems long term but I will continue to research this issue. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer. Do your own homework also. There are 3 different types of metal used in the body making repairs to joints, teeth, etc. Does anyone


Q 19. Watching Melissa and Bob tonight, waiting for an answer to Parkinson's disease. Can Clo2 help an 84 year old man? I would love to read your response.

A - Yes Clo2 can help with Parkinson's. See my Google Drive Files


Q 20. I heard about MMS on Freedom Force Battalion with Melissa interviewing Bob. I heard him briefly mention other ways to take it besides the drops for example a gas or a patch. Can you give me more information about these methods? My main health concerns are high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and severe back pain from a crushed hip from a car accident years ago. I am very hopeful to see if I can stop taking the blood pressure meds and the pain meds I have been on for years.

A. Clo2 can help. See my Google Drive Files. Also, check my Blog Post & videos


Q 21. After listening to Bob and Melissa, I decided to email you some questions. Hope that is ok because I sure need help for me and my family. I am 71-year-old widow and trying to deal with health issues. I am currently making the solution from Andreas Kalcker mixing 5ml of clo2 and 5ml of HCl in a shot glass and putting that in a sealed glass jar so the gas fuses with the water. My questions revolve around how much solution to put in my 400z bottle of water to help with my conditions. Presently I’m putting 15 ml in my bottle of water and drinking throughout the day. So will this protocol treat: 1. High blood sugar? I am on no medication for it. If correct dosage, how long til I’ll see results?

A - Purchase his books at: You can also just use the Jim Humble dops method. See Google Drive videos and literature.


Q 22. Arthritis in neck, shoulders,knees? Currently taking ibuprofen. Same protocol?

A. See Google Drive videos and literature.


Q 23. I basically live on a keto diet but am unable to lose weight ( need to lose 30-40 lbs). Will this protocol help?

A - I use the Whole food, plant-based diet with amazing results of more energy and very fast weight loss. Let's talk in my Zoom Room soon.


Q 24. My brother is on 3 diabetic medications and still very high blood sugar. What protocol should he use?

A - See Google Drive videos and literature.


Q 25. My son has very bad dermatitis on his hand—cracked bleeding, itchy watery blisters. What protocol should he be on? When should he see results. Otherwise he’s very very healthy and physically fit.

A - See Google Drive videos and literature.


Q 26. I would like some clarity on taking CDS for my multiple sclerosis. First, is CDS okay or should I be taking MMS instead? I have been trying to follow Andreas Kalcker's website and tried Protocol C but I measured out 10ml in 1l of water and it was awful! I keep hearing you say drops, and it was much easier to comprehend! I think drops of anything is possible but not 10ml! You stated that the bottles would last a year but 10 ml took 1\3 of the bottle that was sent! What am I doing wrong? Andreas has people who answer some questions but mine hasn't really been. I understand that even tiny drops in water every hour is helpful, but building up to 10ml made me worse. So, if I can't do what may be nothing to others, how do I proceed from here? I tried his protocol A but even 3ml in 200ml of water is too much for me. I have over 400 lesions on my brain and have had MS for over 30 years. I bought my CDS from and all I find are protocols for MMS and not CDS. I am sure I took too much for my body but what do I do from here? God Bless you guys!!!

A - Join me in my Zoom Room and let's chat. I personally have had great results using Jim Humbles drops method. You should purchase Andreas Kalcker''s Books. It sounds like you are taking it incorrectly.


Q 27. I am just finding out about this and having a hard time finding how to use the MMS for specific things. My nephew is autistic, but would never be one to drink something every hour. Is there another method to try for him?

A - Kerri Rivera is your best source of information website: Purchase her book at: Also try Bishop Max's Humidifier Protocol.


Q 28. My mother has chronic UTI's ( Urinary tract infection ) . I have the sodium chlorite and activator kit. How should she start(drops per hour)? Do I have to use distilled water? Can I use a plastic bottle or does it have to be glass? Thank your for the direction!

A - Join me in my Zoom Room and also digest the help on our Google Drive. Start with 1/4 drop per hour then ramp up to 3 drops per hour without getting sicker. Now you are wondering how to slit a drop right? Mix 1 activated drop in 4 ounces of filtered clean water. Then only drink 1 ounce of that water.


Q 29. My sister has restless leg syndrome. Do you know if CL02 will help with that?

A - Everyone in the universe should be using chlorine dioxide (clo2) water purification even if they are healthy, and yes the body will heal itself.


Q 3o. Hi Max, I just watched an interview on Redpilltheworld with Melissa about Chlorine Dioxide and someone inquired about where to order this product in Canada. Are you able to direct me in this regard? My brother was one of the first ones to get the Covid injections as he works with the Natives and he has been extremely unwell since his second shot; he would never have taken it had we knew all that we know at the time they rolled it out on the Reserve - he is awakened like us - it is very unfortunate as we feel these jabs are bioweapons.

Question 31.

Hi Max. We have some questions about taking supplements and using CDS. I take vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement, zinc. Want to make sure when (timing of taking supplements) or if I should take them while dosing with CDS. I am in good health and plan to use it to boost my immune system, get rid of the chronic pain in my lower back and knees, and boost my immune system. Thanks, Mark

A. The things that inactivate chlorine dioxide are vitamin C, caffeine, chocolate, meals & snacks, baking powder/soda, PH water, antioxidants, energy drinks, milk, smoothies, etc. Wait 1 hour to take chlorine dioxide after consuming these things. You can take these things at bedtime. You may take chlorine dioxide topically anytime using the Patch Protocols, Bishop Max's Humidifier Protocol, Bath Protocols, Foot Bath Protocol, etc. Join me in the ZOOM ROOM below.

Question 32.

Hello, Is there anyone I could watch or anywhere I can look to get protocols for pets? I have been researching and I am finding so many different protocols and information that it's getting very confusing to figure out what will be best for my dog. Thank you so much for your time and everything you do to get this information out there!

A. Here is our G2CU (Genesis 2 Church University) G2CU Google Drive Library. Share it with the world! Here is our 24/7 Online Zoom Help Room Here is our Website FAQ List.

Question 33.

What are the times of your zoom help room?

A. Open 247 and am recruiting volunteer Administrators. See our Events Menu at

Question 34

Is there a link to protocols for different infections? I am curious about how to start using the drops for specific illnesses. Thank you, Lisa

A – Yes, the Genesis 2 Church University Google Drive (

Question. 35.

Hi Max, I just watched a video where Melissa was interviewing Bob about the Chlorine Dioxide Kit w/HCL. I had already ordered some and am waiting for it to come in. My question is more for my 95-year-old mother. She barely weighs 100 lbs. and is not a big eater. It's so hard to get her to drink even a full glass of water. She complains she'll be up all night. I want to get her to take some of this when I get it because she has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, an irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, and now she has anemia. I guess I was confused about how to take this since she does take so much medication. She takes some with breakfast and the rest with dinner. Bob was saying not to drink this with the medication but I'm wondering how to space it out. She's going to be a little difficult but I know it will help her tremendously. She's also just now starting to have memory issues. I know she would do so much better if she felt really good the majority of the time. doing to help everyone become so much more healthy. Thank you, Adrienne

A. Use Bishop's Max's Humidifier Protocol. Start out with 20 drops per gallon of water. Then increase the drops as she can handle it. Allow it to run 24 hours a day for the rest of her life as needed.


Do I have to use distilled water with the A & B bottle because I do have a water filter we use and also can I still drink coffee as I use this product? Thanks, Bil

A – You can use filtered water, but distilled is best. No caffeine inactivates chlorine dioxide. Wait 1 hour to take your next dose

Question 38.

Good Day Sir. I had my thyroid removed due to cancer and take Levothyroxine to replace my thyroid function. Can I still Take MMS? and if so how would I go about it.

A – You can purify the water, food, and air where you live using chlorine dioxide because I have personally used it for years I have taken the same drug for 40 years because I have no thyroid as well.

Question 39.

If you have high blood pressure and low kidney functions and type 2 diabetes is taking this chlorine dioxide safe to take?

A – Yes, as long as you purify the water, food, and air you consume keeping with the FDA/CDC guidelines. Chlorine dioxide is approved to do exactly that. They've put it in your drinking water for years now.

Question 40.

Have a question about activated MMS and 99.9% DMSO. Some sites say to activate a few drops of MMS and mix with distilled water then add a few drops of DMSO. Other sites say DMSO will inactivate the MMS so use 2 spray bottles. Spray MMS first then spray DMSO. Which is the best way to use the combination? How long will the solution last in dark bottles? Thanks for the help

A – Make it fresh each time you use it. Use it all because after several minutes it will inactivate the clo2. Drink the leftovers if you like. Do a patch protocol etc.


Question 41.

Is there a way to get rid of eye floaters.? No one knows and they are very annoying.

A – You have finally come to the right place. I Say yes you can because I personally did it. Drink chlorine dioxide-infused water, food, and air, and the body will heal itself.

Question. 42.

Hello, I am interested in the treatment of ALS and parasites in the body. I would love to zoom!

A – We teach you how to purify the water, food, and air you breathe using chlorine dioxide. The body heals itself.

Question 43.

Can you please let me know if you think the Chlorine Dioxide Kit can help my 9-year-old grandson? He has ADHD and Tourettes...I plan on trying it regardless but wondered if y'all have had any other people with this. Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer me! I am so grateful to have found this and y'all!

A – Yes chlorine dioxide helps everyone because it is the safest and one of the strongest oxidizers to purify his water, food, and air. After the body is detoxified, it then can naturally heal itself.

Question 44.

Can dogs get Morgellons? My dog seems to have terrible allergies to the grasses in my yard, but maybe not. Thank you, Debbie

A – YES! Purify the dogs' water with chlorine dioxide, and use Bishop Max's Humidifier Protocol in the house he sleeps/lives in.

Question. 45.

Good morning! I received my MMS and have watched and read videos and articles on the correct protocol. Two years ago I had an ablation to correct an electrical issue in my heart that had caused me to began having an issue with afib. All tests done by my cardiologist showed my heart to be healthy. No blockages or any other issue. He does have me on Bystolic, a beta-blocker, I take 5mg at 5 am and another 5Mg at 5 pm. How do I take the MMS in relation to this medication? Also for a year now I have been taking 10k units of Vit D, 50mg Zinc, and 100mcg of K2. Along with this, I take ELderberry, Cinnamon, Grape Seed Extract, Quercetin 880mg, NAC 500, Vit C 500 mg. and 500 Krill oil. I Normally divide all these in half and take half with a small breakfast and another half with lunch. All my blood work is great. I had Covid in Dec. and had very few symptoms. But my primary care Dr. is wonderful and treats with Hydroxzychloroquine protocol. I don't necessarily feel I need a strong detox and am more interested in just adding MMS to my already successful routine. Please advise on how I need to do this or your advice on the correct protocol for me. I will say upfront I am afraid the taste is going to be an issue for me so you can tell me what I can do to handle that also! Lol, Thank you for your time and what you do to help people with their health and wellness! Rhena

A. You say you feel great, love your doctor, and think that you are in good health right? Since you already purchased the chlorine dioxide 2 part kit you can do a simple test by using it. All people who are in good to great health should be able to take a 6 X 6 dose without any bad stomach/diarrhea. Now for the test! You mix 6 drops of Part A with 6 drops of Part B in a clean dry wine glass making sure that the drops mix well, Then after 20 to 30 seconds, it should turn a golden brown color. Then add 4 – 6oz of distilled or good filtered water into the glass and drink it all down. Please stay near a toilet for the next hour. If you feel bad or have diarrhea then you are unhealthy and need to change some things. Vitamin C, caffeine, milk, chocolate, antioxidants, alcoholic beverages will stop diarrhea. They should not be taken before doing this test as well.

Question 46.

 How do I contact your questions and answers person???

Join our G2CU ZOOM HELP ROOM, then look for one of our volunteer faculty members. Email it to (max at

Question 47.

Hi, I registered for the free school and received a confirmation email from Max, but I don't know where to find the courses, information, and tests. Please help me by sending a link to the necessary information. I am ready to get started. Thanks so much. Donna

A. Sorry it has taken me so long, and thanks for filling out our Student Welcome Kit. You will need to send it to G2CU Faculty. Here is our complete Online Library. Share this with everyone, please.

Question 48.

I am living in the Philippines and only have available to order here online. I am assuming it is the same thing but would love confirmation. Also, just out of curiosity is there any testing going on for people who have taken the vaccine to protect them as well as others from the spike protein shedding?

A. No it is not the same thing. Do not buy it. Here is one of our Ministers of Health who has a clinic in the Philippines. Protein Shedding may be a real problem, but your very best fight against it will be chlorine dioxide. 

Question 49

Hey Max...Thanks very much for this amazing site...I’ve watched interviews with the doc (Jim humble and Melissa Red Pill The World which has been so helpful. I ordered the flakes from a company called Stellar Chemical Corp on amazon bc Melissa said she gets the flakes. How do I make this into a bottle for drops to put into my water...all this is all new to me. Does it need to be a dark-colored glass bottle? Thanks so much for your help! Theresa

A. We teach you where to get the tools & supplies and how to make a 4 oz Chlorine Dioxide Kit each Tuesday at 6 PM Central time in our Zoom Help Room. Get the supplies on our website.

Question 50

Hi Max, I just did the protocol 115 for the virus bc I’m not feeling well, and I just finished the 2 drops every 15 min for 2 hrs, and a few min afterward I threw up. Does that mean I threw up all the drops I just took and it’s not going to work? Or is it good?

A. You have been given bad information. Here is a link to the correct Starting Procedure video. It is very easy to follow. Here is our workbook learn the Starting Procedure & Protocol 1000.

Question 51. Hello, I watched Melissa's interview with Bob the Plumber. Can you please tell me the protocol to use for high blood pressure and detoxing using sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. Thank you so much!

A. Sodium chlorite mixed with hydrochloric acid when combined produces a gas called chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is an FDA-approved chemical used throughout the world. Potable water systems mainly use it to purify water. It is the safest & strongest destroyer of pathogens known. Go here to see our water purification Protocols. We simply purify our water, food, and air before consuming it. We use onsite (in-home) activation of chlorine dioxide gas in distilled water.

Question 52. 

I have been having Hive breakouts (extremely itchy) since September 2020. At about the same time I started to have a re-occurrence of Gerd but didn't realize they seem to be related. It seems that when the Gerd is bad, I have the worse breakouts. I had been using the MMS drops and Activator for about 3 months when this all began. I first thought it was coming from those drops but have been off of them since it all began so that's not the problem. I've had lots of blood work that has ruled out LUPUS and other autoimmune disorders. I have been diagnosed with H-Pylori and treated twice but still having Gerd (not as intense) and hives. Do you know if the MMS drops can be used to treat H-Pylori?

A. Let me address this question in a different way. The chlorine dioxide molecule affects all things exactly the same. It destroys all negatively charged things the same, by oxidation. It is first attracted to them because it is a positively charged molecule. Then if it has a higher charge than the opposing object, it will try to destroy (oxidize) it. All unhealthy weaker cells are subject to become oxidized by it. On the other hand, it cannot oxidize a stronger healthy cell. It's all about oxidation strength. Therefore the more chlorine dioxide you consume, the weaker cells it destroys. Viruses, bacteria, mold, cancer, inflammation, pus, pimples, parasites have a negative charge chlorine dioxide is attracted to, then disinfects and eliminates the pathogens in water, food, and the air you consume. Thus allowing the body to heal itself.

Question 53

 I just bought the chlorine dioxide kit and have a few questions-- for Max. AS I detoxify, will I see toxins, heavy metals, kidney/gall stones, etc coming out ---in my excrement, skin, etc as happens with many cleanses? Will it clear my fungus--; I have lots of itching- esp crotch, toes, chest, yellow toenails Will it help me lose weight. Q. What am I doing wrong? Day 1- 1 drop 4 oz water Day 2-2 drops 4 oz water Day 3-3 drops 4 oz water Day 4-4 drops 4 oz water Now diarrhea won't stop? Been 5 hrs. really watery, so I try to stop it, or just let it finish? How many drops should I take? I have acid reflux & take meds for it, should I be adding the citrus to it or skip it, as Melly says? In the am I take on an empty stomach and I feel little nausea & on day 2 I had re-flux. Thank you

A. Stop everything and do the Starting Procedure, Then proceed on to Protocol 1000

Question 54

 I’m looking for how to make an all-day bottle of chlorine dioxide. My husband and I have started out using the protocol of mixing and drinking every hour for 8 hours but quickly realized that isn’t a sustainable protocol for a busy working household. Thank you for any information you can send!

A. I will try to do a video on the Daily Bottle soon. In the meantime multiply the drops that to take that day by 8 then activate and pour into the bottle. Then simply find the center of the bottle and put a mark at the ½ point. Then put a mark ½ way, between them. Continue doing this until you have 8 levels from top to bottom. You now can just drink to the next mark each hour. Keep it in a cool dark place (like a cooler bag) and it will last 7 days. Keep the lid tightly closed also.

Question 55 

I am interested in speaking to someone who can guide me in introducing chlorine dioxide to the foster parent of my daughter's two half brothers who are full autistic. They are both male and around 12 and 13.

A. Please contact Kerri Revera. She is our Autism specialist.

Question 56

Hi, I'm from Belfast Northern Ireland and would love to know where I can buy MMS and instructions on how to use it for my dad who has severe COPD. Any help is much appreciated.

A. The Laube Holistic Health Solutions.  For complete instructions watch this video as well.

Question 57

Hi, I have a 40-year-old autistic daughter. I would like to try this protocol. She is nonverbal and in diapers. Do you think this would help? I would like to try to help her. Thank you, Ann

A. I urge you to join me in my ZOOM HELP ROOM ASAP. We can help you and everything is free. Our goal is to keep the zoom help room open 24/7. We are the experts when using chlorine dioxide (CD). In addition contact the lady at She has helped over 1500 autistic children & mothers to lower their Atec Test back to normal levels, Here is her email, We can also give you the basic start. Join me now!

Question 58

Hello, I have been told I have a mass in my right kidney believed to be renal cell carcinoma...I also have lost all feeling in my body like a form of nephropathy no one knows what it is really...I started doing the CD drops on May 27 this year gradually adding a few more daily...I have become so nauseous from them ..I believe they work but I can't tolerate them lately...can you please help me figure out what to do...thank you so much...Penny

A- I urge you to join me in my ZOOM HELP ROOM ASAP. We can help you and everything is free. Our goal is to keep the zoom help room open 24/7. We are the experts when using chlorine dioxide (CD)

Question 59

Hello, Is there anyone I could watch or anywhere I can look to get protocols for pets? I have been researching and I am finding so many different protocols and information that it's getting very confusing to figure out what will be best for my dog. Thank you so much for your time and everything you do to get this information out there!

A. Here is our G2CU (Genesis 2 Church University) G2CU Google Drive Library. Share it to the world! Here is our 24/7 Online Zoom Help Room Here is our Website FAQ List.

Question 60

What are the times of your zoom help room?

A. Open 24/7 and am recruiting volunteer Administrators. See our Events Menu at

Question 61

Where is the best place to get regimens for treatments? Thanks

A. You must go make an appointment with a physician to receive treatments, but Bishop Max can teach you how to purify your water, food & air. Then you won't need any treatments because the body will heal itself. We teach you everything you need to know. Just join our free ZOOM HELP ROOM Find more info at

Question 62

I have had a liver and kidney transplant and I wanted to know would it be safe to take cds? 

A. Yes, chlorine dioxide will not hurt a healthy cell. MMS1 / CDS / CD / CLO2 and  Chlorine Dioxide are all the same thing. They are all one simple molecule that will not hurt you. when properly used in the body.

Question 63. 

I purchased a hydrochloric acid 5% solution activator. 28% sodium chlorite. You put one drop of each ....turn yellow Then add to a glass of water. Is this correct? Thank you in advance Michelle

A. Yes that is correct. Your goal is to get up to taking 3 activated drops 8 times a day. Then do that for 3 weeks. Wait one hour after your meals to take them. Then after 3 weeks if you are completely detoxified and feel healthy you should go to a maintenance dose once or twice per day. If you are not healthy after the 3 weeks then continue your daily 3 drops until you are completely healthy. An adult can add to the number of drops per hour up to 14 drops. We have many ways to get chlorine dioxide into your body.

Question 64

I am confused about this treatment. I thought oxidation was bad for cells -and that is why we take ANTI oxidants (A,C,E..). Wouldn't this oxidation treatment accelerate aging?

A – It would seem that way until you do a study for yourself, and stop listening to mainstream lies. Your body needs more oxygen not less. Less oxygen and you will stop living.

Question 65

Max, I was watching a video with Bob Sisson and he said I could email and ask for some MMS. I'm a semi-retired Veteran here in Panama City, FL. If possible could I get some for my son, daughter, and myself? Whatever you are able to do. I'm borderline to COPD so I guess I'll also try the Diffuser that Bob mentioned that you said works so well. I'm guessing this is MMS with a hydrochloric Acid Activator? Whatever you can send will be helpful! Thank you! Tim

A - Sorry but I am not allowed by order of the court to buy, sell, give away or send links to anyone who sells or promotes MMS. I can point you to water purification drops. They are in Florida. You can also ask questions and get answers in our 24/7 LIVE ZOOM HELP ROOM

Question 66

My mom had her aorta valve replaced with a pig valve. She won’t try the drops until she knows whether it’s safe. How can this help her? We don’t trust any doctors to tell us the truth.

A – Humans are a type of animal called a mammal.  A pig is an animal. So the chlorine dioxide drops will not hurt your mom (when taken as directed) in my opinion.

Question 67


Unanswered Questions


Q I heard some people say to make CDS. So many letters I don’t know what letters go to what. But someone named Dr. Charlie ward said to make a bottle and leave it in a dark room for 14 hrs or longer then drink some. This lady I watched with a man who said your name is Max and would answer all my questions. He says to put a few drops in water and drink it right then. What are the differences between these hours? Or are they different types of solutions meant for different things? Bottom line what would be best to use for the most bang for my buck? My mother and I are very sick. You name it I’m sure we have it or had it. Also what is this powder they speak of? Make it easy on yourself and me... ( add smile here____) can you show me a link where I can buy what I need to fully get well? I live north of Chicago. Thanks a bunch

Q My wife has asthma. Does it help with asthma. If so best dosing for it. Can I use it on my kids? What ages and dosages?